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Store effectively and securely

Do you need to store pallets with materials effectively? Do you want to organise your company archive or registry? Equip your storage area with customized racks and use your space down to the last metre.We will tell you the best uses for shelf, archive, and cantilever racks or pallet flow rack systems.

What kinds of customized racks do we deliver?

  • Pallet racking for warehouses

A modular steel system for storing items on pallets, which can be built to a height of 20 m. One cell has a capacity of up to 4,500 kg

  • Shelving for office or workshop

A modular system for storage of loose items, which can be built to a height of 11 m. One shelf has a capacity of 50 to 900 kg

  • Flow rack system

Integrated into racking or located on the floor. They allow movement of pallets, crates, and boxes

  • Archive shelving

A modular rack system for storing loose items or folders

  • Cantilever racks

Designed for storing long bars or panels

Store effectively and securely

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