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Rack system and ladder inspections and repairs

Has the legal deadline for the inspection of your rack systems and ladders expired? Did you know that you are obliged to perform this inspection at least once a year? Our inspection engineer will perform an inspection according to DIN EN 15635, 15512, 15620, 15629. We will also send you a quotation for the repair of any defects discovered during the inspection.

 Inspection label – or else! Be prepared for auditors, safety officers, and other OSH inspections

Each rack system checked by our inspection engineer receives an inspection label containing the month and year of the inspection.You can therefore easily check the date of the next inspection. You do not fear the auditors with us. Do you have rack systems and something has gone wrong? Give us a call. Service for our both old and new customers is a matter of course.

What are the legal requirements for rack and ladder inspections?

  • Racks are inspected pursuant to Decree No. 101/2005 Coll. You must also monitor the frequency of regular inspections throughout the life of the rack. This is determined by Decree No. 378/2001 Coll. The inspections must be carried out by professionally qualified persons.
  • Ladder inspections are laid down by Decree No. 362/2005 Coll., in Annex Chapter III, par. 11 'Employers shall ensure the performance of ladder inspections in conformity with the directions for use.' If the manufacturer's directions for use are not available or do not contain the ladder inspection deadlines, the employer is obliged to specify them by means of an operating safety regulation pursuant to Decree No. 378/2001 Coll.
  • We as the employer are obliged to carry out occupational safety training for our inspectors and they must be acquainted with the operational safety regulations at the place of performance.

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